Emergency Surgery Saved Jessie Girl

Our Jessie girl had a disc blow out on Saturday night. I didn’t realize it at the time, I just thought she was restless and didn’t want to lay down. I took her to an animal emergency hospital Sunday morning and they got Jessie’s pain under control and attempted some treatment options. Later that night, it was determined that Jessie needed immediate surgery on her back if she was going to walk again.

The first choice was BluePearl’s Georgia Veterinary Specialists in Atlanta. The front desk was expecting us, and Dr. Hunter immediately evaluated Jessie’s condition. Dr. Hunter kept us calm and explained what was happening with Jessie’s back and our options. Without hesitation, we opted to proceed with surgery and are very thankful that Dr. Parkes came in Sunday at midnight to operate. Dr. Parkes called us before and after the surgery and she explained, in terms we could understand, how the surgery went and what the expectations for Jessie would be. Thankfully, Dr. Parkes did a fabulous job on Jessie and we brought her home five days later.

Jessie is now walking on her own, with only a little help needed to keep her hind-end stable. The entire staff at Georgia Veterinary Specialists has been wonderful! We have called back several times with questions and they were happy to answer them. Thank you very much, Dr. Hunter, for acting quickly with Jessie! Dr. Parkes, you are the best! Thank you so very much for saving our Jessie girl!

Ronald Thomas