Emergency Surgery Saved Lady

My 5-month-old Italian greyhound, Lady, became suddenly ill with vomiting and not eating. She was drinking water only and urinating, but she had no bowel moments over one weekend and I was having my own medical procedure that Monday. I had planned to take her to the vet on Tuesday, due to my procedure and not being able to drive or do anything afterwards. My daughter dropped me off at home and put me to bed. I noticed that Lady started throwing up violently, green foamy substances.

I called my vet, who did not have any appointments available, and they suggested I take her to BluePearl. She had roundworms blocking her intestines and needed immediate surgery. Dr. Bander and all the staff were excellent with explaining what was happening and what needed to happen to help her.

I am so thankful to them for all of their help. From the receptionist to the nurses, everyone was awesome!

Nita Fisher