Everyone Seemed Concerned for Cody

When my 6-year-old, 165-lb great Dane “Cody” began limping around on his left rear leg, I took him to my local vet to see what the problem was. Cody was diagnosed with a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). Since we live in a relatively small city, there was no one that could treat Cody. We would have to take him to a larger city where he could get help. I researched a number of treatments for him and talked to a number of vets and your hosptal was recommended to us.

I called and talked to Dr. Au and made an appointment to him to evaluate Cody. The exam revealed that Cody actually has bilateral CCL tears. That was devastating. Since Cody is such a large dog, we opted to have the tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) procedure for the most affected leg.

I cannot sing enough praise for the employees at BluePearl. EVERYONE seemed concerned with the care of Cody.
After the procedure, Cody returned home. Unfortunately, he developed a highly resistant infection in his leg and had to return to the hospital and stayed an additional eight days. The doctor had to clean out the infection, place a drain in his leg, and Cody was on very strong antibiotics.

Eight weeks after later, we took Cody in for his final post-op exam and for an x-ray of his leg. The good news is that his leg is healing great and he is able to use it with little discomfort. Though he will not be 100 percent since he still has the tear in his other leg, he should be able to live out his normal life without too many additional problems.

While this type of procedure was costly, BluePearl’s fees were within the normal cost of other vets. Another thing we were happy with is we could call 24/7 and get an update on his condition since he had to be there for a period of time.

I highly recommed BluePearl. They will work very closely with your own vet.

Thanks BluePearl and Dr. Au for all you have done for Cody and us!

Billy Basham