Everyone Supported & Comforted Me

Pounce, 18 years old, was not herself for the past 5 days. She’s old and dying, I realized, and I just wanted her to be as comfortable as possible and to die at home because going to the vet was always traumatic for her. Even the nicest vets made her scared and, in turn, aggressive. I didn’t want her to go through that. However, I finally did take her, and she was so ill she went like a lamb.

BluePearl was wonderful. Dr. Fox gave me the professional lowdown, detailing all the tests she’d need, and Meredith let me know that my vision of having her die peacefully at home within the next few days was an unlikely scenario. More likely, our Pounce would suffer for a longer time and it would be hard on her and on us. Though I had not thought at all that I wouldn’t be bringing her home, that is, indeed, what it turned out to be.

Everyone there, including the receptionists, supported and comforted me, and I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

Deborah Fortier
New York