Everything was Made Easy During a Stressful Time

I came home from work late to find my dog, Lacy, was urinating in the house (something she never does). As I was cleaning it up, I saw a hint of blood and she began to go again with more blood present. I called my regular vet and was provided the number of the emergency vet they use – BluePearl. I called and was told to bring her right over.

We were greeted as we walked in the door and she was immediately taken back to be examined. A urinalysis was run and the doctor met with me to give me her results. We discussed the most likely cause of her symptoms, and Dr. Bennett thoroughly explained what other conditions we might be encountering if we didn’t see a quick improvement. Lacy was given medication before we left the clinic, which made a big difference in her pain level and (thankfully!) enabled her to get a good night’s sleep – which the doctor and I both thought would not happen. The visit notes were sent to my regular vet, so she could follow up with me to check on Lacy’s condition. Everything was made very easy and convenient for us.

I cannot say enough about how great my experience was. I recently moved to Tennessee and left a veterinarian who provided his own emergency care, so not knowing who was going to take care of Lacy in such a scary time was stressful. Thankfully, it was better than I could have imagined. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful care!

Christy W.