Exceptional Concern and Love

Lola was playing frisbee and broke her leg. After a visit to our regular vet and a failed attempt to stabilize her with a splint, our neighbors recommended BluePearl in Brentwood. On the way, we called and explained our situation and they welcomed us with open arms and huge hearts.

They examined her and confirmed that she needed surgery. In a time where decisions sometimes can become clouded, Dr. Noel came out to talk with us and explain the next steps to her recovery. All I could do was wrap my arms around her and cry!

We called and checked on Lola every three hours. The staff texted me pictures too. We knew they loved her as much as we do. From the front desk staff in the middle of the night all the way to Dr. Au, every person showed exceptional concern and love.

They took care of our spoiled, little girl with hand feeding. It reassured us that she was with people who loved and cared for her. I saw this many times with other people and their babies too. It’s more than a job, they took care of our hearts as well. Thank you so much!

James & Susann Youngblood