Exceptionally Calming & Helpful

Dr. Helfmann and receptionist Regina Thomas were exceptionally calming and helpful to me on the phone in the wee hours of the morning when my daughter Elizabeth brought in Nikki, her fragile 10-lb., 13-year-old dog to the hospital.

Nikki was suddenly and brutally attacked with repeated kicks by a well-dressed stranger while she was being walked by Elizabeth late that night. Nikki was kicked so hard and unexpectedly that she flew into the street, the leash being ripped from Elizabeth’s hand. The assailant went into the street to continue the kicking despite Elizabeth’s screams and efforts to stop him.

Nikki had extensive back surgery at your hospital by Dr. Levitin several years prior to this incident and was to be on limited activity which made this attack even more frightening. Nikki spent the following day at BluePearl and is now at home where we are hoping for the best.

Henry Salerno
New York