Through eye removal and anxiety, Oreo is now one happy dog

We adopted our sweet Oreo knowing he had glaucoma and would need to eventually have his eyes removed. We didn’t know that he also had separation anxiety, but we fell in love with this handsome boy and were determined to make him part of our family. A wonderful trainer, Jenn Gavin of A Pleasant Dog, recommended Dr. Sackman. Dr. Sackman saw us quickly and worked diligently to find anxiety medication that would work with his glaucoma medication (not an easy task). This medication took the edge off so that we could begin to work him through his anxiety.

Oreo’s eyes needed to be removed sooner than we had originally thought. Dr. Brantman did a beautiful job on his surgery. This poor dog had been through so many changes! A new home, compromised vision and glaucoma and then major surgery. He just could not relax if he wasn’t glued to our sides. He followed us everywhere. He drooled, paced and barked if we even left him for a minute. With the help of Dr. Sackman working to find new meds and helping Oreo adjust after his surgery, A Pleasant Dog for day care and training tips, and diligent work on desensitization at home, we slowly worked Oreo up to the point that he can be left at home alone with his brother, Doc Holliday, while we are at work or shopping. It was a lot of work. We did it slowly, taking tiny baby steps, but with professional support and TONS OF LOVE, our boy Oreo is one happy guy! He is more relaxed and leads a normal dog life.

To those of you with dogs who suffer from anxiety, don’t give up hope! It’s a lot of trial and error, and slow work, but it is totally possible to help your dog through anxiety. Hang in there!

Stephanie Cionca