Felt Like a Miracle Taking Deidra Home

Our miniature French poodle, Deidra, suddenly became sick and was diagnosed with IMHA (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia) and ITP (immune thrombocytopenia).

She was transferred to BluePearl-Midtown in critical condition (after 2 weeks in ICU from another hospital). Her anemia had been persistent and non-responsive to immunosuppressive medication.

Dr. Eatroff started plasma exchange procedure (removing plasma with antibodies against her own red blood cells and replacing it with new plasma). Almost right away, Deidra showed a great improvement, and we were happy to see her eating and drinking the next day after the procedure (while she had not wanted to eat and drink for two weeks since she became sick).

It felt like a miracle taking Deidra home after just 5 days of plasma procedure. Dr. Eatroff is an extraordinary doctor, who made the impossible possible, and who continues helping and following up with our dog’s recovery. Deidra feels better and is improving every day.

We are very thankful to Dr. Eatroff and his staff for their outstanding effort, professionalism and expertise. We believe they saved Deidra’s life, and for that, we are forever grateful!

The Teklits Family
New York