I have never felt so comforted

Last Saturday night, we had to make the decision to take our dear, sweet Savannah to BluePearl in Clearwater, FL because she was not eating and barely walking. We had just taken her to our regular vet on Friday afternoon and were told to adjust her food but no further diagnosis or medication was given. By Saturday night, there was no change and we wanted someone to help her.

Stepping into BluePearl was the best thing we could have done at that time. The staff immediately attended to our concerns and Savannah’s needs. That was so comforting. Then within minutes Dr. Tutela introduced himself to us and listened attentively to our concerns. He fully examined Savannah and quickly knew something was amiss. Sadly, the prognosis was not good, and we had to let Savannah go after 13 wonderful years of love.

Dr. Tutela was attentive, kind, compassionate, caring, patient, thorough, (there are not enough superlatives to describe his professionalism and concern for the situation). Even after we left the clinic and were outside mourning our loss and the feeling of emptiness of our future drive home, he came outside and shared his deepest sympathies and made sure we did not have any other questions. The staff was also outstanding! They were very aware of our situation and continued to make us feel as comfortable as possible. Even after subsequent phone calls on Sunday and Monday, the compassion is still very evident! I have never felt so comforted by a group of individuals. I can only hope that if we get another dog that Dr. Tutela would be our vet. The unconditional love that a pet shares with his/her master is a miracle each and everyday.

If you have to take your pet to an emergency clinic, rest assured that the staff at BluePearl will embrace your needs, attend to your pet, and comfort you during a heart wrenching experience.