From Crime Scene to Serene Seen – Allergies Are Better!

Bentley, a blue Staffordshire bull terrier, suffered for four years (since six months of age) with horrendous allergies until we met Dr. Heather Peikes – who, without at doubt, is one of New York’s best veterinary dermatologists.

My life used to be very chaotic – coming home to a dog who scratched and ripped himself up until he bled and at times, my house looked like a crime scene. I felt so frustrated and tired of running him to his regular vet in a state of emergency.

Dr. Peikes has gotten his allergies under control and his hair is even starting to grow back. Words cannot say how grateful we both are to have met her and to be lucky enough to be under her care. Bentley sends you all at BluePearl big hugs and licks for making him feel better and being able to function in a world that he is so allergic to.

Kim Ericson
New York