Gizmo Was Attacked!

I am a truck driver and my co-pilot is a 7-lb. miniature pomeranian. Recently, while on our way to deliver a load near Minneapolis, I stopped at a rest area to let Gizmo out to potty. Another driver was there with a pitbull. His dog got a hold of Gizmo’s lower jaw and did a lot of damage. There was so much blood!

It was a very scary ordeal until I found BluePearl. I took Gizzy to the oral surgeon at the Eden Prairie hospital. The hospital was filled with wonderful vets and awesome people! Gizmo had to have all of his jaw bone and teeth removed from his lower right jaw.

It has been three weeks now and he is doing great. You can’t even tell he was hurt! Thanks BluePearl for all your kindness as well as skill. Gizmo says thanks too!

Kathie Morris