Goodbye After 11 Happy Years

Thank you so much to Dr. Jessica Weeks and the staff in Tampa FL for being so caring and compassionate when I brought Magic in after she suffered from a seizure. Dr. Weeks calmly questioned me about Magic. She explained the procedures and tests Magic would undergo, and then came back to discuss the results with me. I felt like she genuinely cared and did not rush me through to get to her next patient.

Magic had been ill for a few days prior and, that night, I had to make the difficult decision to end her suffering and let her go. I was devastated and heartbroken when I realized I would not be bringing my Magic back home again. Dr. Weeks and her staff were very understanding and gentle through my tears that night. Although I was inconsolable, it helped to be in such a comforting environment during this experience.

I also truly appreciated the hand-written condolence card I received from BluePearl. We lost a family member that night, and it helps to know that someone else understands our pain. Magic was with us for 11 happy years, and the loss is felt deeply.

Thank you so much, BluePearl of Tampa, for helping us through this difficult time.

Tracy Frederick