Great Communication About Teddy

I would like to thank the doctors and staff of BluePearl for the compassion and professional care that they gave to our Yorkshire terrier, Teddy, during his recent hospitalization for surgery at the Tampa facility on May 29, 2012.

Our positive experience with your specialty practice began on May 24. Our family veterinarian referred Teddy to BluePearl due to a plasma cell tumor on the upper lip. We brought Teddy to meet with Dr. Curtis Kane, one of your oncologists on Thursday, May 24. Dr. Kane performed needle aspirates of his lymph nodes. He was kind, caring and exceedingly patient with Teddy and with my husband, Sid and me as well.

The following day, Dr. Kane informed us that the pathology report regarding the samples that he took showed no metastasis to other organs. He then laid out our options: watch the area or have one of your surgeons operate and “enlarge the margins”. We chose the second option and Dr. Michael Reems performed surgery on Teddy’s lip area.

We really appreciated the way that Dr. Reems and the entire staff working with us kept us informed of Teddy’s recovery from surgery. Prior to surgery, Teddy had thoracic radiographs. After obtaining results from these, Dr. Reems called me immediately to let me know that the results were negative regarding pulmonary spread of the cancer. He later phoned me to let me know that Teddy was recovering well from the anesthesia.

We are really impressed with the level of communication from your veterinary practice. You obviously understand how vitally important it is to us “pet parents” to have the lines of communication so freely open.

Thanks again,
Beth White (Teddy White’s mom)