Hallie Received the Best Possible Care

Our 13-year old border collie mix, Hallie, suffered complications from anesthesia at our regular vet when she had her teeth cleaned. We knew something wasn’t normal about the way she was emerging from the anesthetic, and after 36 hours, our vet diagnosed Hallie with autoimmune hemolytic anemia and began treating her for it with steroids.

Hallie continued to get sicker and sicker, until we decided it was time to transfer her to BluePearl, where the staff quickly determined she did not have autoimmune anemia. She was suffering from pneumonia, and a bleeding mass on her spleen. Her temperature was 105 and she was critically ill.

Over the next six days, the incredibly caring and talented staff at BluePearl (in particular, her primary caretaker, Dr. Cheryl Wood) worked tirelessly to beat back Hallie’s pneumonia so we could get her into surgery to remove the speen, which was causing all sorts of other problems and slowing the progress with the pneumonia. Finally, we all agreed to get Hallie into surgery as it was her only chance at survival.

Hallie survived the surgery for 12 hours. We lost her at 10:15 p.m. that evening. Dr. Wood tried desperately to save her, but the competing medical conditions, the pneumonia and the bleeding mass on her spleen, made it impossible. Dr. Wood was clearly very upset to have to break the news that our girl was gone, and she sent us a beautiful card later that week. She was a great comfort to us during the entire ordeal, and afterwards.

I rejoice in all the stories here of pets who have been saved and returned to good health. But they can’t all be saved, and I am grateful that our Hallie received the best possible care as she struggled that last week. Thank you for what you do.

Tina McGugan