BluePearl helped our cat pass peacefully

A few weeks ago, our 11-year-old cat, Peachs’, suddenly lost the use of his back legs. He had labored breathing and was crying in pain at 3 in the morning on a Saturday. I had used this BluePearl location before when I worked for an animal rescue and called them. We got there by 4 am and was told he’d suffered a blood clot to the heart. The kindest thing we could do after 11 wonderful years was to help him pass peacefully with no pain. They gave him a sedation first, which is the best thing to do, and gave us our time together before letting him go. The staff took him away and came back with him in a coffin and carried him to our car. They lit a candle in the front to let everyone know a pet was passing. A few days later, we received a beautiful card from them for our kids with our cat’s paw prints inside. We cried happy tears because the staff treated Peachs’ and us so kindly and left us with a good memory. Thank you, BluePearl staff.

The Tucker Family
Kansas City