Helped Oliver When No One Else Could

Our yellow Labrador, Oliver, had been reverse sneezing for over a year. It had become a daily ritual with Oliver reverse sneezing multiple times a day. Our vet was at a loss. We went to the UF vet school giving symptoms of weight loss at about a pound per month despite a voracious appetite, and reverse sneezing, which was precipitated by reflux. UF told us that dogs don’t reflux and said it was just an allergy. Well, Oliver continued to reflux and reverse sneeze.

Our vet then referred us to Dr. Cathy Meeks, who is board certified in internal medicine at BluePearl in Tampa. By then, Oliver had lost 12 lbs. Dr. Meeks and her team took our history seriously and decided to perform an upper endoscopy on Oliver. Biopsy of his gastric mucosa indicated a helicobacter infection, which Dr. Meeks promptly treated. That seemed to do the trick! Oliver still reverse sneezes on occasion and is under the care of Dr. Meeks. He has regained and is maintaining his weight.

I find it odd that people will research the credentials of a physician for themselves but not when it comes to a veterinarian. Board certification is important and makes a big difference. After taking Oliver from vet to vet and UF for over a year, Dr. Meeks was able to help Oliver when no one else could. She is truly a wealth of knowledge!

Joanne Palmieri