Helped Teddy Walk Again

I was first introduced to BluePearl and Dr. Kevin Au when my little dachshund, Teddy, started having trouble walking and was in a lot of pain. My regular vet said he couldn’t do anything and I had to go there. Dr. Au is one of the finest vets around, and thanks to him, Teddy is walking. He has had to have 2 back surgeries for ruptured disks (IVDD) and then therapy to help him walk. But if it wasn’t for Dr. Au, Teddy would be crippled or worse, dead.

Since then, my two other doxies started having similar problems, but we have Dr. Au in our corner. The crew is also awesome. Each time Teddy has had surgery, they let me come at night and sit, holding Teddy in a quiet room. It helps him calm down and does the same for me.

If you have a sick dog that is not getting better, come here. They are wonderful and knowledgeable.

Linda Southergill