Helped Us Say Goodbye

My niece’s (Ali) dog was diagnosed with lymphoma about a week ago, given 2 months to live. Having lost my first dog to cancer, I assured my niece she would know when it was time. Unfortunately. the time came quicker than planned and today, New Years Day, we knew Winston needed to get his angel wings. Ali’s regular vet was not open on a holiday, so we immediately reached out to BluePearl.

When we arrived, they took us to a private room, like a small den where we could spend time with Winston and prepare to say our good-bye’s. During this difficult, emotional time, the staff did a terrific job of making this as easy on us as possible. Every member of the BluePearl team we spoke with encouraged us to take our time, asked if we needed anything, etc. They did not rush us – told us to let them know when we were ready. I cannot say enough how grateful we were/are for their kindness and support. Winston had been a faithful buddy for my niece, seen her through numerous difficult times. BluePearl enabled us to see him through his difficult time.

To the entire team at BluePearl – thank you.

Valerie Gillespie