Hobo Swallowed a Ham Bone

We adopted a stray senior dog who seemed to have had a pretty rough life and named him Hobo. We only had him a few months when I gave him a ham steak bone at dinner time. I thought he would just chew on the thing, but he wolfed it down.

Our family vet met us at his office and took some x-rays and sent us to BluePearl in Overland Park. We just thought some one would meet us there. We had no idea it was a 24/7 emergency care center. While we were there at 3 a.m. quite a few people were were coming in with their pets. It was impressive.

The vet came out and explained to us what she was going to do and the different scenarios that might occur. She quoted us the cost. We agreed. Hell, I gave him the damn bone! It was my fault not his. They knocked him out, scoped the bone out of him and saved his life. The bill even ended up being less than the quote and Hobo is a happy dog.

Thank you for being there.

Paul Jewell