Homer Lived His Last Years to the Fullest

BluePearl in Louisville made it possible for our Samoyed, Homer Simpson, to live and enjoy the last years of his life to the fullest. Due to complications from diabetes, Homer developed cataracts in both eyes and lost his vision. Dr Erica Tolar performed his surgery and Homer was just like a puppy again, catching goldfish crackers in the air and chasing my son’s lacrosse balls.

When Homer’s kidneys started to fail in October, Dr. Nestor and his staff nursed Homer back to health and he was able to spend a few more months with us. The entire staff at this location was always very welcoming and concerned and always asked about him.

I cannot thank them enough for helping our family through this difficult time and making Homer’s last months with us as pain free as possible. I am always telling people about BluePearl and how well they treat pets.

Beth Gruner