I Almost Lost Vee

Life took a sharp turn for the worse when our 5-month-old mini Dachshund, Vee, stopped breathing while recovering from her spay surgery. She was immediately revived and the decision was made to take her to your Manhattan hospital. 

Upon arrival a technician took Vee to the intensive care unit. Following consultation by the emergency veterinarian, Shaundell Fullington, hospital supervisor, discussed the proposed treatment plan for Vee and associated costs. After paying for unexpected expenses associated with the emergency situation after Vee’s spay surgery at the family veterinarian’s clinic, I was unable to pay for the lifesaving treatment offered by BluePearl.

Having to consider the only known alternative – home care – I was faced with an emotional dilemma. Ms. Fullington recognized my circumstance and conveyed my situation to the doctor. They informed me about Frankie’s Friends Foundation and the financial assistance the non-profit organization could offer to help Vee and me. I immediately accepted the assistance. 

Everyone I encountered at your facility was professional, personable and cordial. The veterinarian was attentive to both the needs of Vee and the emotional strain that I was experiencing. I have to acknowledge Ms. Fullington as well for her empathy and consideration. Her actions and demeanor were more than what I could have expected, and just what I needed to overcome a particularly difficult day.

I greatly appreciate BluePearl connecting me with Frankie’s Friends and the excellent treatment afforded Vee. As I look forward to years of companionship with Vee, I will remember this experience and look to honor it in every way possible.

Rich Kump
New York