I Needed to Hear I Had Done the Right Thing

When Lacy, our miniature schnauzer, turned suddenly sick overnight having both a seizure and collapse, we were so fortunate to have the expertise and empathy of the staff at BluePearl of Eden Prairie. Lacy was taken in promptly and cared for by a very capable female vet who carefully monitored her and attended to her medical needs.

After some blood tests and chest X-ray, we were told that Lacy was anemic, had a tumor in her spleen and that she was bleeding into her abdomen. This news was so devastating and shocking. Lacy had been so healthy and it was her mate, Luke, who seemed to have all the medical problems.

We were given a grim prognosis and because of her age, 14 years old, surgery was not recommended. We were then told Lacy was standing up and that her vitals were better and they brought her back to us. They told us to take her home, love her a lot and give her extra treats because she could pass away that night or very soon. If she got worse, they advised us to bring her back to the hospital.

That night was touch and go. Lacy was not breathing very well. She was next to my husband and I in the bed and we worried that she wouldn’t make it. Come morning she rallied and gave us three more glorious days to love her. I cherish those days and memories. She was so strong and courageous.

The fourth day however would bring pain, labored breathing and collapse again. My husband and I wrapped her in a blanket and returned to BluePearl where again we were met by loving and professional staff with many remembering Lacy and telling us “I worked with her before. She is sweet.”

I have never witnessed euthanasia, but that evening I faced one of the most difficult things I have ever had to face in my life. I had to put my sweet Lacy to sleep. I held her, told her I was there, told her I loved her, told her I was sorry, told her Luke loved her and daddy loved her before she collapsed in my arms.

The vet was very good to her. He pet her too and told her she was the best dog ever. He offered his condolences and told me I had done the right thing. I needed to hear I had done the right thing. He offered me time to be with Lacy once she was gone but I told him no. I gently kissed her one more time told her I loved her and then told the vet he could take her. I told the vet when Lacy collapsed in my arms, the reason she became so light was because the angels had come and taken her. She was no longer there and no longer in pain.

Life will never be the same without Lacy. We shared a very special bond of love and companionship. I am lucky though, I do have her mate Luke still here and are bestowing on him double love for he needs us now.

Thank you to all the staff at BluePearl for trying to help Lacy and doing the very difficult job of helping her move towards her next life now without pain or suffering. Thank you also for caring about the owners who loved her so much and helping them to be as brave and courageous as Lacy had been. We are indeed grateful.

Brenda, Brian and Lacy’s mate, Luke