I tell everyone…

I tell everyone about NYC Veterinary Specialists….’it’s like Star Wars compared to every other NYC animal hospital’ is what I most often include in my praise.

When our little girl, Lilly, a then 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer, developed a cataract my partner and I were just crushed…absolutely crushed. Cataracts are not all that rare for the breed but Lilly is special to us and we just could not accept it. She was also a very young doggy and the thought that for the rest of her life she would be near blind in one eye was very much our motivating factor in finding a qualified and trustworthy doctor who could perform the delicate cataract removal surgery.

We chose NYC Veterinary Specialists and the outstanding Dr. Jennifer Welser. She immediately charmed us and, more importantly, Lilly. She diagnosed Lilly, explained the science of cataract removal and the consequences of inaction, issued a treatment plan…it was all extremely orderly and professional.

Lilly’s surgery was scheduled and on the day of her surgery we arrived as a family — Arturo, me, Lilly and our boy dog Max — and were allowed to accompany her to Dr. Welser. She accepted Lilly and let us exit gently so that surgery preparations could begin.

I received periodic updates throughout the day and our anxiety’s were kept low. After surgery we were told we had a choice of picking Lilly up or leave her in the hospital overnight…it is NOT an inpatient procedure. But we decided that Max, our boy dog, missed her too much and that it might be best for us if she was allowed to recuperate overnight without fear that Max and Lilly might want to play.

I was told it was okay to visit her and I did (mistake because she wanted desperately to go home). I brought her a dirty shirt to remind her of our scent and also gave her a pillow from our bed.

The next day she was delighted to leave, cone intact…

NYC Veterinary Specialists gave us clear and explicit after care instructions and were able to take good care of her.

Her recovery went off without a hitch and I am happy to report that Lilly has laser sharp vision now and we have had only a little redness from time to time.

She was notably appreciative, we think, as her energy levels and interactivity definitely increased.

We thank everyone at Bluepearl Veterinary Partners for making Lilly and us so happy. You guys did an enormously important thing and we are eternally grateful.