I’m so Thankful My Vet Recommended BluePearl

I took Zadie, my rescue Australian shepherd and red heeler mix, to my local vet for a checkup. My vet noticed a sac that had formed under one of her salivary glands. There is a fancy name for it, but in plain English, saliva had formed a sac in a gland. The sac needed to be removed, and my local vet did not want to do the surgery. There was no one for him to refer us to in Amarillo, TX. The surgery is very delicate, and the sac was located by blood vessels and nerves. He researched vets and suggested we go to Oklahoma City to BluePearl. Off we went to Oklahoma City.

Zadie had never been away from her sister, Zelda, a golden retriever, and had never traveled for five hours in the car. She did really well. The staff at BluePearl were so caring and good to both of us. Dr. Brent Newcomb was so wonderful with Zadie, and I could tell she really liked him and felt so comfortable with him. Surgery was done, then we went home. She recovered nicely; however, another sac formed in the same gland and was even larger this time. We went back to BluePearl again and the vet did an X-ray and noticed some crystals that were hidden the first time. He removed them and another gland. Zadie had to wear the “cone of shame,” but she recovered again, and we haven’t had any more trouble.

BluePearl did not charge me for another surgery and even opened up early on Saturday morning so we could hit the road early. I am so thankful that my local vet recommended BluePearl. They are very knowledgeable and kind to their patients.

Becky Zenor