Keiser Was Lovingly Attended To

My 14-year-old golden retriever, Keiser, was having some issues with his legs the past year or so and would occasionally just lose his balance and fall. He did so again two weeks ago and fell on his side. I comforted him for a while, and he fell asleep. After a few hours, I checked on him and he would not move. He also began to groan, which he never did before. He would not eat his food or even a treat, which greatly concerned me.

I brought him to BluePearl, and while removing him from my vehicle, he just collapsed. They immediately began to stabilize him, and a short time later, one of the doctors came out to explain he was bleeding internally due to a burst abdomen and not doing well at all. After explaining any viable options, we decided it was in Keiser’s best interest to let him rest eternally. I have to say that, having never met either of us prior to this incident, the staff treated us both phenomenally well. Keiser was carefully and lovingly attended to, and several staff members spoke with and comforted me through this unexpected and difficult time.

Thank you very much for treating us like family. I highly recommend BluePearl!

Ryan Williams