Kind and Responsive ER Doctor

My vet told me to take my little dog Daisy to BluePearl when I called her panicking that Daisy was “closing down.” She had stopped eating and drinking and when I tried to give her fluid with a dropper she vomited and had a sort of seizure.

The intake people were reassuring and within minutes Dr. Bessler came to examine Daisy. He sat on the floor and talked to Daisy and told me exactly what he thought was going on. At the same time, he was very kind and reassuring to me.

After Daisy was taken down to the critical care unit I was allowed to see her and Dr. Bessler told me I could call any time during the night for an update which I did at 4:30 a.m. and Dr. Bessler came to the phone himself. Throughout the four days that Daisy was at Blue Pearl I had this same level of response. The doctors and nurses were incredible to both my little one and to me.