Kissa and I Were Treated With Compassion

My story does not have the ending I had hoped for, but I do need to thank everyone who did everything they could to diagnose and then treat Kissa who had lymphoma.

I am so glad that my vet in Hernando County sent me to Blue Pearl where Kissa and I were both treated with compassion and caring. Even when I had to leave Kissa overnight I was constantly updated about her condition. Dr. Kane came in on a Sunday night to meet with me and discuss what he planned to do next for my little girl.

Unfortunately, she lost her battle a few hours later, but thanks to Dr. Sylvia Lee I was able to hold Kissa in my arms one last time. So now Kissa is with my husband, Randy, who died of multiple myeloma in 2006.

Thanks to all who cared for Kissa – you are the best!

Kathleen Hollenbeck