Knowledge, Kindness and Compassion

Thank you, Dr. Reyes (Emergency), Dr. Pogue (Cardiology), the techs and admin staff for their knowledge, kindness and compassion. My vet recommended that I take my 15-year old cat, Taz, to further diagnose the cause of his weight loss, fluid build-up and overall decline. I rushed Taz into emergency a day before his scheduled appointment, as it was clear that he was having problems breathing. The doctor determined that Taz was experiencing congested heart failure, a form uncommon with felines, and generally with a poor outlook. I went home with Taz with some hope of trying meds to prolong his life. I made the difficult decision to let Taz pass over the rainbow bridge as he was not responding well to the meds. I am very thankful to the staff that I had a full understanding of Taz’s medical issues before making the difficult decision to let him go. It has allowed me full closure and Taz peace. Thank you.

Susan Motter