I Left Wishing I Lived Closer

My experience at the Grand Rapids hospital was by far the best experience I’ve ever had at a vet’s office. On December 15, just after 5 pm we had to bring our senior black lab there for tests they were unable to do at our local vet. It was a 90 minute drive after a stressful day of worrying over our boy.

From the reception to the entire staff, I can’t say enough positive things. Everyone was warm, caring and accommodating. The vet, Dr. Cooper, was such a breath of fresh air. She was a straight shooter with zero interest in spending all of our money on tests we didn’t need. She left us with no questions in mind because she answered everything before we even had them. The technician Leah was amazing. Her care, compassion and obvious love for her profession was practically beaming off of her. We had brought along our other dog for “moral support,” and they treated both the patient and the tag-along as though they loved them as much as we do.

I left wishing I lived closer so it could be the vet hospital for our whole family. It was truly refreshing. To top it off, we were fearing the grand total at the end of the visit and were shocked that the total for the visit with tests and medicine was so low!

Best vet visit ever! My thanks and gratitude go out to the staff at the Grand Rapids hospital.

Jamie Miller