Lex Pulled Through

We arrived at BluePearl Tampa on an emergency basis from an after-hours veterinary clinic with very little life left in our dog Lex, a 7-year-old Boston terrier-pug mix. We were informed Lex was in very critical condition with a 50 percent chance of recovery.

Immediately we chose to have any services and tests needed to diagnosis his condition. Finally, 24 hours later, Lex was being treated for Addison’s disease. The next 48 hours were crucial for us to know whether or not Lex would pull through. We learned that the disease is very common in animals and treatable if caught in the early stages, but Lex had arrived in the state of shock.

The communication and care we continuously received from Dr. Gicking, Dr. Larson and the critical care staff was amazing. We received numerous phone calls with updates along with pictures of him progressing. After 10 days in the ICU, Lex returned home with detailed instructions for his recovery period.

After a few weeks and lots of TLC, Lex is living his life better than ever. We are very thankful for the exceptional care and attention we were given.

Elissa, Anthony & Lex Lopez