Lexi is in Good Hands With BluePearl

Lexi came to us as a rescue. She was a senior dog and quite sick with many infections, but nursed back to health after two weeks of antibiotics from our regular vet. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, Lexi started having seizures.

Over the next 14 months, Lexi was on multiple medications. One day she could not get her balance. We brought her to Dr. Kimura, the neurologist, who took Lexi’s history and gave her a thorough exam. The doctor recommended prednisone, but advised us that an MRI, and maybe a spinal tap, would be needed to pinpoint what the real problem was with Lexi’s brain.

The doctor was wonderful. He did not put any pressure on us to spend the money on the MRI or spinal tap when we thought we were not going to have it done. He said he could still treat Lexi. That was a terrific relief. We decided to have the MRI and spinal tap done because we wanted to be absolutely sure what was affecting Lexi.

There were no complications–procedures well done! She spent the night in the ICU. I called around 11 PM that night, and Rachel happily gave me an update. Rachel was very understanding about my concern for Lexi. The diagnosis was an inflammation of the brain, probably GME.

Dr. Kimura gave Lexi an injection of prednisone and instructions for continuing her medication. He spent a great deal of time with us throughout this whole procedure. We doubt if any human medical specialist would have spent that much time discussing an illness. Jennifer, the doctor’s assistant, has been wonderful. She, too, spent much time with us explaining everything. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable. Everyone that we spoke to at BluePearl has been cordial, caring and professional. We feel that Lexi is in very good hands when she is under BluePearl’s care.
Alison Rubin