Life is Twice as Nice Now

Phoebe thanks the Georgia Emergency staff for saving her life…twice!

My ever-so-curious cocker spaniel, Phoebe, has managed to find herself in the ER at Georgia Veterinary Specialists twice in the last six months and each time the ER staff has been instrumental in saving her life. They are simply amazing.

The first time Phoebe found Advil in my purse and ate about 15 tablets. The second time Phoebe found six dark chocolate candy bars in my friend’s purse and ate them including the wrapper and foil! The ER staff was kind, compassionate and did everything necessary to make sure that Phoebe survived and had no lasting physical effects from her escapades. And the ER staff makes sure they comfort me as well, which is a nice touch! My friends and I have now learned to keep our purses zipped and put away at all times so Phoebe can’t explore!

Lisa Streit