Life-Threatening Rawhide Treat

My female yorkie, Topsy, had ingested a rawhide that was stuck in her esophagus at first, and then it had a really hard time coming through her intestines. She suffered for days with labored breathing and swelling until I said “enough is enough” and brought her first to my vet, then to BluePearl. She was immediately rushed back into an oxygen tent and, within about 6 to 8 hours, the vets and techs did testing and gave her medicine that saved her life! Cheers to Dr. Rachel Jansen and the two other emergency vets who worked on her! Wish I could remember their names, but I am sure it’s all in the paperwork.

I highly recommend BluePearl if your pet is ill and needs any type of medical help. They are an awesome team and organization!

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

Michael and Topsy Rowshan