Little Bear Ate a Prescription Pill

My 8-month-old kitten, Little Bear, ate one of my prescription pills that I had dropped on the floor. Before I could bend down to pick it up, I saw him eating it. I took him to the San Antonio location on Broadway and I told the person at the front desk what Little Bear did. He was taken to the back and Dr. Leonard started to examine him.

They had me call animal poison control. The vet told me that he should be monitored over night. Dr. Leonard told me they need to watch Little Bear because he could have bad effects from the medicine he ate and explained what they might have to do if he started having problems. They started an IV to help flush the medicine. He had mild problems, but nothing serious. I called few times to check on him was given updates on his condition. I was afraid I was going to lose Little Bear, and I probably would have if I hadn’t taken him to the emergency room.

They¬†treat your pet as a family member. Hopefully I won’t have to take my “babies” here again, but if I do, I know they will get great care and they will be in excellent hands. Many thanks to all the staff!