Living with Liver Disease

Our black and tan cocker spaniel, who was 8 years old, had water in his abdomen, so our vet sent us to Dr. Kristopher Sharpe at BluePearl in Grand Rapids. Dr. Sharpe did a work up and ultrasound. He determined Kelly had liver failure He’s was on SAMe, which he took daily. He lived another 9 months, still eating well and still active. He was very playful up until about 5 days before his condition worsened. We had to have him put to sleep to stop the pain due to liver failure. BluePearl gave Kelly 9 more months of quality life and gave us the opportunity to have fun with our pet. Even though a pet may not live very long, we got to enjoy every minute we had with him.

Thank you, Dr. Sharpe and all the good people at BluePearl.

Michael Christensen