Losing Our Lucy on Christmas

Our 7-year-old golden retriever, Lucy, had become ill. It was a few days before Christmas when I took her to her normal vet. They gave us medicine and sent us home. On Christmas night her stomach began to swell, and she was in pain. I rushed her to NHVS in Spring. Remember, this was Christmas night. From the minute we walked in the door, everyone was so nice. As it turned out, our normal vet had missed the fact that Lucy’s spleen had ruptured and she was bleeding internally. Within 45 minutes of our arrival, the doctors had diagnosed the bleeding and also that Lucy was full of cancer and her lungs were filling with fluid. There was nothing that the doctors could do to save her. It felt like within a heartbeat we had lost our girl.

The doctor was so very sweet and apologetic even though it wasn’t her fault. Her bedside manner was spot on. She explained everything to me as she showed me Lucy’s X-rays. She never rushed me, and she sat patiently while I cried. She even came back to our room and answered more questions because I just couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening to Lucy. The doctor was never in a hurry and that meant the world to me. I could see that she was truly sorry for the news.

I was very thankful for her advice to bring Lucy home for one more night and let our boys say goodbye to her. I took Lucy home one final time. We spent the morning with her as a family, then my husband and I drove her back to the hospital. The staff was waiting for us. They knew we were coming and they were expecting us. Every single staff person we met were so very compassionate and professional. The staff helped us and stayed with us while we said our goodbye’s to Lucy, and we were able to hold Lucy in our arms until she passed. They never once rushed us, in fact they kept telling us that they are open 24 hours so we could take as long as we needed.

Losing our Lucy was very, very hard for our family, and we appreciate everyone at NHVS so much for their time, professionalism and compassion. We still have one little dog at home and if he ever needs NHVS, I will get him there without hesitation. I will recommend this hospital to all my friends with animals because you just can’t beat them.

I am so grateful for them all!

Amanda Wisenbaker