Was lucky I found BluePearl

I would love to express my overwhelming thank-you for saving the life of my little friend. Spade was very sick, and I was new to the area. It was just my luck I found BluePearl. I expected the emergency visit and procedures to be at a higher cost and, surprisingly, they weren’t as high as expected. You couldn’t ask for more compassionate or better-trained people than those found at BluePearl.

Probably my favorite thing about them, other than their compassion, was the fact that they called me twice a day to report on my little friend. No matter what time of night, no matter what time of day, if anything happened, they were calling me with any changes. The minute they got reports, I got a phone call because those reports say a lot of things and give you a lot of encouragement too. As do all the people at BluePearl. They not only helped my cat get on the road to better health, they also helped me find a veterinarian close to where I lived.

Both Spade and I thank you very much. From the bottom of our hearts, you really are first-class people without a first-class price tag.

Jackie Long