Lucy’s High-Risk Surgery Went Great!

Our feisty old lady kitty, Miss Lucy, a 16-year-old tortie, dislocated her jaw and we were referred by our vet, Dr. Marlys Kraus, to Dr. Donnell Hanson so that Lucy could have her four canine teeth bonded together. Dr. Hanson worked us into her packed schedule very quickly and we made the two-hour trek the next morning.

Lucy had already been diagnosed with chronic renal failure, so surgery was a bit more challenging. Dr. Hanson noted that she was severely dehydrated due to the dislocation and recommended subcutaneous fluids daily during the 10 weeks Lucy’s teeth remained bonded. There were some other challenges during this period and Lucy survived them to go in for her unbonding surgery 10 weeks later. Lucy’s jaw had healed although she still had some dental issues we knew we would need to address after she had recovered. Because of her kidney disease, Lucy can only be under anesthesia for a short time before her blood pressure drops.

A month later we noticed that Lucy was super crabby and just didn’t seem to be herself. After taking her to a local vet who diagnosed infection and started antibiotics, she was better but still wasn’t quite right so we made another call to BluePearl. Again, Dr Hanson squeezed us into the already full schedule the next day. Turns out there was one tooth that had gone from bad to rotten in a month. Dr. Hanson was able to remove that tooth and the diseased area around it and to address a couple others before Lucy’s blood pressure dropped. Because of the progression of dental disease in that month, Dr. Hanson warned us that it could be a fast-growing cancer common in older cats and requested permission to send the tissue out for pathology. We agreed and then we took Lucy home.

Within 24 hours, Lucy was her affectionate loving self again. So we decided that even if the pathology results were bad news, it was still worth it to have our Lucy back even if we didn’t have long. She was obviously happy and relaxed.

Then we got the good news – Lucy’s tooth was just bad (no cancer) and we are going to keep trying to get her to be a 25-year-old cat.

The staff at Blaine were so considerate and helpful and we met lots of other pets and their families while we waited the hours for her initial visits, during her surgeries and while she was in recovery. We were so thrilled with the wonderful care Lucy received and the kind and compassionate way that they treated us and the others we saw while we were there. Our deepest gratitude to Dr. Hanson, Meg, Erin, Laurie and everyone else on the staff.

Lynn Flickinger