Maddie Was Rushed to the ER

My malti-poo Maddie became very sick sometime after I took her for a walk and fed her a treat. She didn’t come to me when I called her name and I found curled up in her bed next to vomit and she wasn’t moving. She barely lifted her head and would not stand up. In tears I stumbled to my kitchen fridge where I found the BluePearl animal hospital magnet my mother gave me  – thank god I didn’t throw it away!

Right on the magnet I found the 24-hour location in Skokie  and rushed Maddie in my car to the hospital. A doctor and three nurses took Maddie in right away. The receptionist was very supportive and helpful. After a night of inpatient hospitalization, Maddie is doing much better.

BluePearl saved Maddie’s life. Words couldn’t express how grateful I am for the location, convenience, availability and most importantly – the excellent quality of care.

Mary Lee Henderson