Made a Bad Situation Bearable

We were so fortunate that Dr. Fischbach was working in the ER on the early shift this past Labor Day at 1 AM. Our beloved 12-year-old black lab, Casey, needed immediate care after developing increasing intermittent coughing and shortness of breath after exercise. We treated her with conventional meds, and she improved for a few days. She had history of 1 1/2 years of diabetes, and weak hind legs, but was doing well. She developed her respiratory crisis, and the wonderful BluePearl vet staff assisted us quickly and made her comfortable.

We were continuously updated on Casey’s condition and they approached us with understanding and empathy. Dr. Fischbach patiently discussed Casey’s current condition and all possible solutions. Casey being our third lab and having careers in¬†healthcare, we knew that there was only one solution for her to be comfortable and not suffer anymore. The BluePearl staff brought in a quilt, laid it on the floor, and brought Casey in so we could say goodbye. It was good to see her breathing comfortably.¬†Those last moments will remain in our hearts forever.

Dr. Fischbach and the vet staff made this bad situation bearable after a while. We can never thank all of you enough for your quiet and caring nature that morning.

Lidia Bumroongsuk