Made a Difference in My Life

I came to the BluePearl ER around 3 AM with my boxer girl, Kora, who had terrible unknown allergic symptoms. She was swollen, had bulging lumps all over her body, was itchy and extremely anxious. I was also anxious, exhausted and worried as on that day I also saw my vet who assured me Kora was fine and prescribed only Benadryl. You can imagine my panic when at night she started getting worse, running like crazy with a swollen face and biting her itchy skin.

I didn’t expect to meet the nicest veterinarian and woman I have ever met, Dr. Janice Hsieh, whom my wary boxer girl immediately fell in love with (that traitor). She took great care of us, calmed us both down and with her cheerful, loving personality and great knowledge, she saved us.

Thank you, Dr. Hsieh! You really made a difference in my life. I didn’t believe that such generous and compassionate people still exist.¬†You literally touched my heart.

Thank you for everything.

Beata Legowska & Kora