Max Made a Full Recovery

I just wanted to take the time to write this quick note of thanks from the bottom of my heart for the great care that our kitty, Max, received while in your hospital.

After vomiting and not eating for a day, our primary care vet swiftly noticed Max was dehydrated, very lethargic and he felt a “knot” in his abdomen. As it turned out, our sweet Max (only 18 months old) had swallowed some object, and it was stuck in his small intestine – with no way out!

We were referred to BluePearl and the care and attention given to our sweet kitty was superb. Everyone, from the employees who answered the phones – and greeted us so professionally – at the front desk, to the many technicians, to the many doctors on call, whom I hounded every few hours to check on Max, showed the utmost professionalism, patience and care at all times.  

Thank you again, Dr. Duval for your immediate phone calls, and clear explanations as to what was happening, and what would happen next. I felt completely confident that Max was going to make a full recovery. Max would not be with us today, if it had not been for the successful abdominal surgery that you performed.

My two kids – and of course, Max’s “sister” – would have missed him very much, but because of you and the staff at BluePearl, we have a happy ending!

Sue & Carl Larsen