Memi’s Incredible Comeback

Memi was two ounces at birth and I was told she wouldn’t live 24 hours. She couldn’t suck, was the smallest and weakest of the litter, and was pushed away constantly. But she was alive and active.

I took her to my vet who told me she wasn’t going to make it and that I should put her down because she was “deformed”. In my eyes she was not suffering – she was moving and active, not dull and lethargic. I took care of her myself. I fed her like a baby bird with a horse syringe and a premature kitten nipple. I did this for four months, taking her with me everywhere, sleeping with her, feeding her every two to three hours. Every time I took her to a vet (now having visited seven vets), it was the same story: Let her go. I’m prolonging the inevitable. She will die any day.

She was happy, active, fat, and playing with no signs that she wanted to give up. If she wasn’t going to give up, I wasn’t going to give up on her. I gave all my life 24 hours a day to keep this little princess alive. When she was 10 weeks I was told she had a cleft palate that was not repairable and that I should put her down. I had it with all these vets and decided to look online for specialists. I found BluePearl which was 1 hour 20 min from my home.

I met Dr. Michael Reems who finally gave me a diagnosis. Memi was born with no soft palate and no hard palate. Her nasal passages were open to her mouth and she had sinus deformity as well. Surgery would be next to impossible and not guaranteed. But if I got her over 6 lbs., he would be willing to try. I was so happy someone was willing to try. Six weeks later her weight was up to 6 lbs.

Dr. Reems is my hero. He repaired Memi’s soft palate and hard palate using no man-made materials. All the repairs were made of Memi’s own tissue from different parts of her mouth, her gums, her cheeks. Memi made it through surgery, but there was still no guarantees if the surgery would work and we had to put her on a permanent “soft” diet. She was about 5 months old when the above occured.

Fast forward to January 21,2013. Memi turned FIVE years old yesterday!! I cried as I do every birthday. Every day is a blessing with her! The only side effect is she has no voice. She cannot bark, yet she snorts like a pig.

Dr. Reems I thank you every single day for believing in my little angel. Memi fills my heart and makes my world such a wonderful place and when everyone else wanted to give up on her, you Dr. Reems were on my side. Memi and I love you and cannot thank you enough.

I tell everyone about this place and if I ever have any medical issues with any animals ever, I don’t care where in the USA I am, you bet I’m going to the only place who has the animals best interest in mind.

Lisa Clements