More Time With My Sweetie

Knowing where to start to tell the story of how a stellar veterinarian and her staff brought back the very near dead is not easy, but I’ll make an effort. Dr. Jocelyn Patterson, a critical care specialist at the Virginia Beach hospital managed to snatch my dear cat, Idaya, out of the hands of the grim reaper. This is not the first time she was so gravely ill, but it was first time she ever came this close to death. She’s been diabetic for the last eight years, has cardiomyopathy and suffers occasional pancreatitis.

When I visited her in the ICU I noticed they kept her clean and comfortable including forming a headrest. It was so good to see that Idaya’s comfort was not overlooked. It brings me to tears to recall how I thought I was going to lose her. Thanks to Dr. Patterson, and an honorable mention to vet techs Jackie and Melissa, my sweetie made it that night, another night, and two more nights when she was finally well enough to go home.

It has cost me a fortune to keep Idaya going over the last eight years. I have no regrets spending so much money on her care. My conscience would have haunted me for the rest of my life if I hadn’t given her a chance.  I owed it to her. She was always there with what I call the three A’s: affection, attachment and appreciation, the last of which (call  me crazy), I saw in her eyes soon after she came home.

Well, I guess I did manage to get this story off the ground and hope it will guide others to consider not being too quick to give up on their beloved pets. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Patterson and her staff for giving me more time with my sweetie.

Yvonne Minor