My Boxer Was in Labor, and I Was Scared

I was so scared when I got to BluePearl. My boxer, Harly, was in labor. She had been for almost 20 hours, and couldn’t get the puppies out. I thought I was going to lose my wonderful Harly and her pups. I took her to BluePearl to get help. They made me feel welcome and showed that they would help. Everyone there was great. They did some tests and gave her what was needed, and they let us stay there and have the puppies there to make sure everything went OK.

It went great! Five puppies later, we went home. They only did tests that were needed, and they could have jumped to C-section, but they were against that unless there was no other choice. The bill was so reasonable for an emergency, and I was worried about that.

Thank you for making me feel like it wasn’t the end of the world and it could be fixed one way or another.

Sandra Elliot