Nala is Back to His Normal, Spunky Self

I returned home from a week-long vacation and found my beloved healthy 8-year-old cat, Nala, on his death bed. I immediately took him to our family vet where I learned he was suffering from severe kidney cancer and the prognosis was not good. I was inconsolable and devastated. Nala has been my everything for eight years. Thank goodness our family vet was familiar with BluePearl and recommended we see an oncologist as soon as possible. We called BluePearl on Wednesday night and got an appointment with Dr. Rocha in the Manhattan office on Thursday afternoon. 

When we arrived, the receptionists were all very nice and friendly. We were immediately put into an exam room which calmed both Nala and I down. The doctor’s technician visited us and was very informative and insightful. Then Dr. Rocha came in and examined Nala. Dr. Rocha was extremely professional, gentle, caring and supportive. We talked about Nala and then came up with a treatment plan. Dr. Rocha explained everything step-by-step and answered all my questions. Dr. Rocha showed me an estimated bill for that visit and also explained the future cost associated with the treatment plan. He has always been upfront and honest with how much things will cost and has always given me the benefit of knowing if something could be cheaper.

We started Nala’s first chemotherapy treatment that day. I was shown the facility and where Nala would be staying during his time at BluePearl. I was utterly impressed with their facilities. The hospital was state-of-the-art and extremely clean. We continued to bring Nala for his weekly treatments, and I was consistently impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the BluePearl staff. 

Today, Nala is back to his normal, spunky self. We have gotten through one month of his 6-month treatment plan and he is so happy and healthy today. BluePearl has made this horrible experience into something amazing and joyful. I know that Dr. Rocha and BluePearl saved Nala’s life and I am confident Nala is in the best hands possible. 

Julie C.
New York