Obi is a Miracle Kitty

I had just moved back to Missouri in January 2013, and in February started noticing my cat, Obi, was sneezing and had some discharge from his nose. By May, after weight loss and starting tube feeding, BluePearl confirmed there was cancer in his nose. While considering my options, Dr. Heeb at BluePearl in Overland Park suggested one dose of chemo, so I had a little more time to make my choice. I’m so glad I did this! About 32 hours later, Obi was breathing through his nose again, sipped some water and licked himself — things that had not happened for awhile.

I continued the chemo treatments and began seeing some definite improvement. Dr. Heeb prepared me that the chemo would only extend his life 18 months or so, but I am so happy to say Obi is truly a miracle kitty. He is still doing well today and is officially 3 years older than he would have been had I not taken this route. I’ve now moved to mid-Missouri but would definitely make the trip back to BluePearl if I began having concerns again. Thanks BluePearl and Dr. Heeb!

Cara Finlay