Oreo Gets New Lease on Life

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to three of your doctors.  Dr. Melanie Otte, Dr. Alan Spier, and Dr. Sarah Silverman – as well as all of the vet techs that supported the work that was done, and the entire staff at BluePearl Veterinary Specialists in Florida!
We were in on Friday (May 13th) with my cat Oreo – most will remember him as the one hiding IN the blanket. He is a high anxiety kitty and I think he probably gets that from me! 
Oreo has been dealing with some breathing issues and we had been in to see our regular vet whom we love and have grown to trust.  When Dr. Spencer said we really needed to see specialists to help us find the right answers it was a very nerve racking experience!  From the moment we walked in we were greeted with friendly faces and warm welcomes.  We met with Dr. Otte first, and she made us feel very comfortable and helped us to determine the best course of action and the vet techs really helped to explain each of the tests that needed to be done and the step they needed to take to help pinpoint the problems that were occurring.  The first set of tests that needed to be run were to look at Oreo’s heart and were going to take approximately 45 minutes or so.  My mom and I decided to step out for a little bit to help relieve a little of the stress – and I have to say I was comfortable going only because I knew he would be in the best of hands.
When we got back, we were happy to see that the tests were already completed AND answers had already been found!  We were then able to meet with Dr. Silverman, and Dr. Spier to discuss the fact that Oreo was indeed suffering from a form of heart disease (not that I could repeat the technical terms to you) they were able to help us understand what was happening and that because of the heart problems it was affecting his breathing.  We know that there is a good and bad side to the diagnosis – that it is treatable with medicine but at some point – well we know that there will be a tough decisions that we will have to make.
We walked out with a sense of hope, and in a way relief – now we know what we need to do, what meds he will need and the best things we can do to make him a happy kitty!  On the way home we received a call from our regular vet to let us know that she had already heard from the doctors at FVS and we talked more about the meds and next steps.  She also said “now knowing that this is a heart issue, having Dr. Spier in our corner was one of the best things for Oreo” and I have to say I totally agree!
Saturday morning I was concerned because Oreo seemed to not want to take any of his meds and for him turning away from anything in a “pill pocket” is very unusual, but when I called in at 8am on Saturday – Dr. Silverman was already back IN the office – she and I talked – and I have to tell Dr. Silverman you were right… Oreo again takes after his mommy and is NOT a morning kitty!  By 9:45/10:00 he was out and looking for the “treats”! 
From the bottom of my heart – I want to thank everyone who helped us, from the reception area, to the vet techs and especially all of the doctors who have touched our lives in such an amazing way!  No one ever wants to “need” an 24 hour care facility or specialist – but I know that we now have one of the best that we can count on when we DO need you!  My mother who accompanied me said the exact same thing and I can say we are proudly displaying your cards on our fridge!  I have also already made referrals to friends who have pets in the area and let them know if they ever need emergency care or a specialist that BluePearl Veterinary Partners is the place to go!
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
Jennifer and Oreo