Our Animals Are Our Children

Last Monday evening we took our beloved dog, Jet, to BluePearl because he was collapsing and unable to eat or go to the bathroom. Jet was 10-years-old and we became very concerned and his regular vet had already closed for the day. We had taken our other dog, Marley, several years ago to your hospital after she suffered a stroke, and we remembered how wonderful the staff at BluePearl was.

We rushed Jet to your hospital where, Steve, one of the veterinary technicians, immediately rushed out to help my husband bring Jet into one of the exam rooms. Dr. Yakubik took a look at Jet and saw he was in real distress and having seizures, we decided the best thing for Jet was to put him to sleep.

As devastated as we are at the loss of our wonderful, sweet child, we cannot thank the staff at BluePearl for taking an extremely difficult and traumatic situation and making it a little more bearable. I worked for several years in an animal hospital in Los Angeles and know how difficult it is for people in this situation. Our animals are our children and we love them so much!

We can’t thank the wonderful Dr. Yakubik and the amazing Steve for their kindness and understanding. These are the people you want to be with you and your pet at such a hard time.

Thank you, thank you – we are very lucky to have found your hospital!

Best Wishes,
Doug and Sidney Fox